FTTx architecture

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An FTTx network consists of deploying optical fiber as close as possible to the user in order to provide high-speed internet access. An FTTx architecture makes it possible to define the service of subscribers from the Optical Connection Node (OCN); we then speak of a local loop.

There are several FTTx acronyms that make it possible to differentiate the offers such as FTTH (Fiber to the home) where the fiber goes to the subscriber's home or the FTTO (Fiber to the office) where the fiber goes to the subscriber's home.

There are several types of architecture to serve subscribers either through a point-to-point link or a point-to-multipoint link. In a point-to-point link, the subscriber is connected to the connection node by a dedicated optical fiber unlike a point-to-multipoint link where the optical fiber is shared by several users.

In a point-to-multipoint architecture, PON (Passive Optical Network), a Shared-Access Point (SAP) is defined as the point from which operators have access to the building serving network, it allows several users to be connected to the same optical point in order to share the bandwidth up to the OCN. It includes boxes on the foot of a building or in street cabinets between 300 and 2000 optical links.

The Optical Connection Point (OCP) is used to connect all the Optical Telecommunication Outlet (OTO) installed at the subscribers. It can be at the bottom of the building or outside

Luxeri offer

Luxeri offer includes a complete offer of the following cords:

  • FTTH subcriber cable : connection between the subscriber's Optical Telecommunication Outlet (OTO) and his operator fiber box.
  • Dispatching Patch Cord OCP/SAP : Dispatching Patch cord dedicated to patching equipment in Optical Connection Nodes (OCN) and Shared Access Points (SAP) of FTTH networks allowing the connection of commercial operators and subscribers.
  • Drop cable : connection of the subscriber to the FTTH access network, i.e. between the Optical Connection Point (OCP) and the subscriber's Optical Telecommunication Outlet.
  • FTTA outdoor patch cord : patch cord between  4G/5G base station and remote radio head (RRH).
  • Tubed cord distribution : connection of passive equipment to other passive equipment in a building or to connect passive equipment in two buildings.