We offer fiber optic lighting solutions adapted to your projects:

With 20 years of experience in the field of fiber optic lighting, we put our know-how at the service of our customers to support them in the success of their lighting projects. Attached to meet your needs, we manufacture tailor-made fiber optic harnesses that meet your temperature constraints. The fiber for lighting also has a design and elegant side which makes it an essential element of decoration for your projects. lighting. In addition, it is discreet and waterproof, in other words, ideal for your indoor or outdoor projects.

We offer soft, neon-like lateral lighting fibers that are ideal for outlining contours, drawing shapes and highlighting objects, places ... You will also find on our site illuminating fibers that produce a light at end of fiber. This is the most common use of fiber optics and it is an ideal solution for your bright decorations.

Learn more about lateral lighting optical fiber.

But also light guides,optical cables for data transmission !

Otherwise we find the optical fiber in other types of applications, such as optical light guides with wavelengths in the visible, ultraviolet, near and mid-infrared. The cases of use of the light guide are very diverse: from the offset of a light source in a given wavelength used for industrial applications, to the transport of the laser. We also offer optical cables for data transmission from cords / jumpers / patch simplex or duplex, fiber bundles of multi-strand optical fiber plastic and silica (single mode, multimode).

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Luxeri, manufacture of customized optical fiber bundle

In terms of optical fiber, it is necessary to separate its applications whether for light guides or data transmission or fiber lasers. Luxeri is focusing in the manufacture of optical guides and optical cables for the industrial world.

Its general manager, Emmanuel Seurre, gives explanations concerning this technology, the know-how of its company, the application fields of its products as well as its future prospects.

Our consumer website

Find our range of decorations and lighting for the general public on our e-commerce site: Luxeum.


We provide custom solutions for optical guide and optical cables.


We realize your interior and exterior lighting projects with our plastic optical fiber products.


Discover our range of lighting products and  our offer of optical guide and optical cables


In 2011, Luxeri launched the Luxeum brand of home lighting products: lighting kits, starry skies and decorative lighting designed by Luxeum. Find our products on our online sales platform.


Luxerimanufactures plastic or silica fiber optic cords of all types (simplex, scindex, duplex), telecom optical cables with tiight structure or loose structure dor data transmission


Luxeri offers a complete catalog for professionals: LED generators, custom harnesses, flexible light guide , light sources, optical terminals.


Luxerimanufactures lighting harnesses for industrial applications for light source offset, special fiber bundles (multimode, specific wavelength, specific core diameter) as well as image guides.


Since 1992, Luxeri has been manufacturing and marketing fiber-based design solutions for public lightings, museums, architecture, point-of-sale advertising and optical guides, optical cables based on polymer optical and silica optical fibers for wavelength between UV and mid infrared for sectors such transport, medical, wind, sensors, industrial control.

Discover some of our achievements for signage and swimming pool, decoration and hotels, medical and telemetry.

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