Choose light sources suited to your fiber lighting projects :

For your fiber optic lighting projects, choose our light generators adapted to your technical needs. Discover our range of light sources / generators for your starry skies, accent lighting or highlighting thanks to use of lateral lighting fibers.

The light sources are now composed of LEDs, light-emitting diodes. Due to their light output, LED light generators have replace halogen lamp generators and metal halide generators. Depending on the desired effect, these generators can support one or more LEDs, twinkle disk or color disk.

When the light source has only one LED, we speak of a monochrome generator with the choice of a particular wavelength for a given color or a color temperature for a given warm (warm, neutral, cold). A generator  made up of several LEDs makes it possible to define a color from the three basic colors (red, green, blue); it can contain up to 4 LEDs with a dedicated LED to constitute a true "white".

An LED light generator may have a twinkle disk to give a flicker or color disk to give color from a filter on white light. These light sources are generally dimmable either manually, or by a 0-10V interface, or by DMX interface, or by remote control.

We have a full range of light sources for fiber optic lighting allowing to couple one or more LEDs, to associate a twinkle or color disk and to control them either manually or remotely thanks to an appropriate interface.

Take advantage of our expertise in light sources for fiber optic lighting :

For more than 20 years, we have been specialists in custom made manufacturing of fiber optic lighting solutions. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to select the LED generator according to your needs for your decoration, lighting and highlighting project. We support you and help you in the choice of equipment to ensure the success of all your projects.

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Discover our range of light sources for fiber optic lighting: