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Reading light in polymer optical fiber

Reading light in polymer optical fiber

Use of plastic optic fiber reading light

A fiber optic reading light provides a reading function in a place where it is inappropriate to put classic lighting in it. The optical fiber then makes it possible to deport lighting by installing a light source with its power supply in a place without risk on its general functioning but also on an environment sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances, or on the safety of materials or people.

The optical fiber which only conducts light does no thave any sealing defects compared to conventional lighting with its electrical circuit. This characteristic makes it possible to respond to a problem of sealing in any lighting exposed to splashing water, for example in a boat or aboat cockpit.

It can be recommended to avoid generating electromagnetic disturbances caused by a power supply of conventional lighting.The optical fiber does not generate any electromagnetic disturbance, makes it possible to respond to this constraint, in particular for lighting of control centers such as for example cockpits of planes or helicopters.

For obvious safety rules, It is inappropriate to put a light source in contact with flammable material, or a person. This is the case,for example, where you must integrate a reading light in a car, train, planeseat ... The use of fiber for lighting makes it possible to eliminate any risk linked to an electric short-circuit. maintenance of the assembly is all the easier as the plastic optical fiber is maintained over time, it comes down only to the maintenance of the light source for all the reading lights.

Implementation of the reading light with plastic optical fiber harness

 The reader consists of the following elements:

            A light source with its electrical circuit,installed in a safe place, sufficiently ventilated to dissipate heat from the source.

                         For more information, discover our light sources.

A harness made up of a light cable or several light cables, connected tothe light source by a common collector. Each light cable is made up of several plastic optical fibers. This part is not visible to the reader after its installation, for example in a seat.


For more information, discover our lighting optic fiber harness and our light guide cables.

  A flexible hose operated by the reader to adjust the light. It must be robust to be handled unceremoniously by the reader. It contains a set o plastic optical fibers connected to the harness by an adapter and a nozzle toposition a focusing spot.

  A focusing spot which makes it possible to focus a light ray on a given diameter at a given distance. This focusing is done through the use of a lens in the spot. A judicious choice of the lens makes it possible to adjust the focusing of the light ray.

                     For more information, discover our focusing spot.

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