Lateral lighting optical fiber

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Lateral lighting optical fiber

Lateral lighting optical fiber, soft neon lighting

Discover our range of lateral lighting optical fibers for a flexible diffusing guide, ideal for luminous marking on a length. Lighting based on diffusing fibers gives a soft neon effect that is both very attractive and very practical for highlighting contours. In addition, their flexibility allows you to showcase all kinds of shapes.

The flexible diffusing guide is produced by a lateral lighting optical fiber bundle with transparent or translucent coating. This beam is conditioned to have a perfect homogeneity of light scattering over a given length.

Discover our detailed sheet on the use of lateral lighting fiber.

Select lateral lighting optical fiber adapted to your needs

Each lighting project has its own characteristics and constraints. To help you find a suitable solution, we tailor our flexible diffusing fiber guides. Several optical diameters are available (between 2mm and 10mm). The choice of this diameter will define the number of fibers in the diffusing guide, as well as the outer diameter of the coating.

Several grades of fibers and polymers can also be used to meet temperature requirements, fire standards and mechanical stresses.

Features of our lateral lighting fibers :

Our fibers have a PMMA core and a fluoropolymer cladding with a numerical aperture of 0.5.
Choice of fiber diameter: 2,3,5,7 and 10 mm.
For more details on our lateral lighting optical fibers, consult our technical sheet:

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