MPO / MTP patch cord

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MPO / MTP patch cord

MPO / MTP patch cord

The MPO optical cable enables high densityconnectorization of multi-fiber optical cables by reducing the size of theconnector.

These cords can be mounted with MPO / MTP connectorsat each end of the cord or at a single end in the case of a hybrid cord with LCconnectors mounted at the other end. These cords can be delivered with aninsertion loss of the connector in standard mode or in reduced mode

Select your MPO / MPT patch cord

We offer a wide range of MPO /MPT patch cords :
- 12 versus 24 single-mode or multimode fibers (OM1 - OM5)
- MPO / MPT connector; male versus female
- MPO patch cord versus MPO hybrid patch cord
- low insertion loss / versus standard insertion loss

These patch cords can be delivered in any lenght.
Please consult our technical sheet.

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