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Waterproof diffusing light guide on the ground

Waterproof diffusing light guide on the ground

Use of luminous diffusing guide on the ground

It is now possible to make lighting on the ground,signage on a waterproof resin-based coating. This light diffusion takes place on a contour without supply of electricity thanks to the use of optical fiber diffusing and remote light source.


This light diffusing guide consists of a set of diffusing fibers inserted into a profile filled with transparent or phosphorescent granules. The injection of light into the diffusing guide is done via a light generator.

The bundle of diffusing fibers is conditioned to have a homogeneous diffusion of light over a given length. This homogeneous diffusion results in a constant diffusing light over a whole length from a light source to a point furthest from this light source



The resin protects the fibers when walking onthem and its transparency allows the light emitted by the fiber to be reflected back. This resin can also be phosphorescent, it can become UV charged and re-emit in a visible wavelength such as green or blue.

The diffusing of light on an outline will allow the development of new uses :

- Luminous markings on the ground highlighting a path, an outline, a street over a whole length or partially

- Signage on the ground or on urban mobile

- Ground guidance

- Dynamic terrain delimitation (sport, ...)

This solution fully matches to surface sealing constraints, whether in terms of optical fiber and sealing resins. Theelectrically powered light source is either housed in a sealed room or placed in a sealed space if it is already sealed.

On the other hand, this light guide will respond to the challenges of improving accessibility in spaces. It could be deployed in buildings, in public spaces, in public facilities.

Light diffusion process

 This light diffusion process is controlled. It allows :

-to connect a light source to one of the two ends of the bundle or to connect two light sources to each end of the beam and to control them remotely
- to control the luminance level at the output of the diffusing optical fiber
- to activate the lateral partially or completely over a given length


It is for example possible to make a lightanimation on a set of fibers made to diffuse on different parts and driven by several light sources synchronized with one another. The photo above shows at a time t some diffusing fibers on a part fed by a light source before they are no longer powered and another set of diffusing fibers are illuminated by another light source.

Implementation of waterproof diffusing light guide on the ground

Depending on the light path (s) envisaged, it is possible to manufacture a harness of diffusing fibers with several branches which will be associated with light paths. There is still a limitation on the number of diffusing fibers per generator. Depending on the fiber capacity, itis possible to envisage a number of light paths supplied by a single generator.

First, the bundle of diffusing optical fibers isplaced in a profile and then transparent or phosphorescent granules are placed on top. Then in a second step, the resin is polished above the diffusing optical fiber.

For more information, discover our diffusing light guide and our adapted light sources.
- Diffusing light guide designed to optimize the amount of light in achieving contour lighting. The optical diameter responds to a level of luminance for contour highlighting
- Complete range of light sources for small diameters (1W, 2W), large diameters (15W, 30W,45W, 60W)


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