Select our light guides in the visible domain with fiber optic:

Pour your light offset project in the visible domain, choose our optical guides adapted to your technical needs. Discover our range of harnesses made of PMMA plastic fibers and glass fibers.

A light guide consists of one or more optical fibers, a jacket and a tip. This latter is connected to a light source allowing a light offset on one or more points in often limited spaces. This light guide is waterproof and does not emit at the end of the light point.

These flexible, custom-made light guides allow a wide often choice of fiber diameter and multi-branch combinations protected by a coating ensuring mechanical protection but also sometimes fire protection. The end caps are produced according to the constraints of reduced space but also according to the light source.

Depending on the nature of the need, we offer our customers light guide in plastic optical fiber allowing easy handling and installation or in fiberglass for good color rendering but also light cables with a cased structure of 7 to 30 plastic optical fibers dia 1mm.

Take advantage of our expertise in light guide for visible domain with optical fiber:

For more than 20 years, we have been specialists in the custom manufacturing of fiber optic harnesses, optical guides and optical cables. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to manufacture light guides in PMMA plastic optical fiber and fiberglass, according to your needs for your industrial project. We support you and help you in the choice of equipment to ensure the success of all your projects. 

Discover our range of light guide in plastic optical fiber and fiberglass.

Industrial lighting harness
The PMMA fiber optic lighting harness makes it possible to make industrial lighting by deporting light sources. This harness is manufactured according to the specifications of the customer.
Fiberglass light harness
The fiberglass lighting harness is used for industrial lighting by moving light sources away. Fiberglass cables are protected by a flame retardant zero halogen outer sheath.

Light guide cables
LUXERI polymer optical light cable has a tubular structure with several plastic optical fibers 1 mm with outer LSZH coating. This cable can be used indoors and outdoors.