optical cable

Luxeri offers a wide range of cords (simplex, scindex, duplex), telecom optical cables with tight structure (break-out, mini break-out) and free-form cable (unitube, multitube).

Luxeri assembles all types of connectors on plastic optical fibers  and single-mode and multi-mode silica fibers for different diameters of core and cladding / optical cladding.

Luxeri distributes the plastic optical fiber (bare fiber, cord fiber) of the Toray brand. The quality of these fibers are among the best on the market.

Luxeri also offers a wide range of optical drawers to receive connectors directly mounted on cables silicas or pigtails.



Optical cord

optical cord

Telecom optical cable

telecom optical cable

Toray polymer optical fiber

Toray polymer optical fiber

Optical drawers

optcial drawers