Special fiber bundle

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Special fiber bundle

Special fiber multimode

Discover our range of special multimode fiber bundle harnesses. These bundles are mounted in different types of coatings (PVC, PE, LSZH, steel, PVC metal) in diameters corresponding to the diameter of the selected fiber and the number of fibers.

LUXERI provides a wide range of special multimode fibers thanks to a choice of low OH and high OH silica fibers, germanium doped silica fibers and fiber structures: silica - silica or silica - silicate or hard clad.

These beams are popular in spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, laser transport, surveillance applications.

Select customized special fiber bundle

According to the type of fiber, they can withstand wavelengths included in the ultraviolet and near infra-red (190 - 1200nm) or in the visible and infra-red (300 - 2400nm) or in a broadband range (200 - 2000nm - 400 or 2400nm).

These fibers can support different numerical apertures, different types of coatings, circular / non-circular core shapes.