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Flexible image guide

Flexible image guide

General around flexible image guides

Flexible image guides have established themselves in the industry to capture images in dangerous or difficult-to-access areas. Many cameras and sensors are used in the industry to monitor processes. It is inappropriate to install them in a harsh environment either because of the risk of damage or because of the risk to the environment itself. A harsh environment can be characterized by very high temperatures, strong magnetic fields, strong pressures, strong irradiations; it can contain a very explosive environment, it can also be located in confined spaces.


A flexible image guide made up of over a hundred thousand glass fibers enables high-resolution images to be transmitted without risk from a sensitive area to a camera, camera, chip or installed monitoring station in a safe and easily accessible area.

Each pixel is transmitted coherently by each of fiberglass strands constituting the image guide, so that the individual position of each strand is identical at each end of the image guide.

The diameter of the fiberglass strand defines the size of the pixel. On the other hand, there is no risk of causing electronic interference given the nature of the fiber optic image guide.

These optical fibers can operate in the visiblewavelengths but also in the near infrared, these image guides can then be usedwith near infrared cameras for thermal imaging. These image guides can becoupled to remote light sources also in optical fiber in order to illuminatethe areas to be observed.

Use of flexible image guides d'image

There are thus flexible image guides for medicalendoscopy, industrial endoscopy as for example in oil or gas refineries,thermal or nuclear power plants, but also in the fields of research and defense. When defining the need, it is important to define the resolution of the imagein order to define the choice of diameter of the fiberglass strands

Please consult our flexible image guides.


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