Diffusing light quide


Choose LED generators adapted to your diffusing light guide:

Discover our range of light sources / generators for your highlighting, lighting, pool contour projects thanks to the use of lateral lighting fibers.

Our range of LED light sources has been designed to illuminate very fine brushed of lateral lighting fiber in a very homogeneous way. This range can support small optical diameters (less than 1mm) to larger optical diameters (10mm).

This range of light sources can support LEDs with different color temperatures and several CRI (Color Rendering Index) to meet your markup projects.

Some of our light sources can also withstand intense light intensities to illuminate a bundle of large lenghth or large diameter. These can be controlled in DMX.

Many of these light sources are waterproof and have the IP44 protection rating so that they can be installed outside.

Take advantage of our expertise in light sources for diffusing fiber:

For more than 20 years, we have been specialists in custom made manufacturing of fiber optic lighting solutions. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to select the LED generator according to your needs for your highlighting project. We support you and help you in the choice of equipment to ensure the success of all your projects.

Also discover our LED generators for our starry skies and for accentation lighting.

Discover our range of LED generators for our diffusing fibers:

1W Monochrome led generator
The 1W LED Generator allows a very fine brush of diffusing fibers to be illuminated in a very homogeneous way. It can light up a brush diameter 3mm of diffusing fibers or 2 brushes diameter 2mm of diffusing fibers.
2W Monochrome led generator
Monochrome LED generator allows to illuminate in a very homogeneous way several fine brushes of diffusing fibers. Its protection rating IP44 allows a generator installation outdoors.
Led generator 15W White
The 15W white LED generator provides a very homogeneous illumination of diffusing fibers by adding effects (flicker, color). These effects can be configured manually. It has an IP44 protection rating.

Led generator 15W RGB DMX
The LED generator 15W RGB DMX allows to illuminate in a very homogeneous way the diffusing fibers by adding effects (flickering, color). These effects can be configured manually or by DMX.
LED 60W RGBW DMX generator
The 60W RGBW DMX LED generator with high luminous efficiency is ideal for lighting effects on large diameter and large diameter diffusing guides for swimming pool or luminaire lighting.
DMX 90W white LED generator
The 90W white LED generator with high luminous efficiency allows to illuminate large diameter and large optical diffusing guides for pool or luminaire lighting.