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Industrial lighting harness
The PMMA fiber optic lighting harness makes it possible to make industrial lighting by deporting light sources. This harness is manufactured according to the specifications of the customer.
Fiberglass light harness
The fiberglass lighting harness is used for industrial lighting by moving light sources away. Fiberglass cables are protected by a flame retardant zero halogen outer sheath.

Water drop" fittings
End fitting in the form of a drop of water to put at the end of fibers dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm
Terminaison "Goutte d'eau
Terminaison en forme de goutte d'eau pour mettre au bout de fibres dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm

Terminaison "Cristal
Terminaison en cristal pour mettre au bout des fibres dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm
Crystal" fittings
Crystal end fitting to put fiber dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm