IP68 FTTA armoured outdoor patch cord

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IP68 FTTA armoured outdoor patch cord

IP68 FTTA armoured outdoor patch cord

This FTTA outdoor duplex optical cord (acronym for Fiber To The Antenna) allows very high bandwidth interconnection of base stations of 4G and 5G mobile networks and antennas or remote radio units (RRU or RRH).

This patch cord designed for harsh environments is salt spray, moisture and dust proof.

It is made from an armored cable. This cable is made up of 2 single-mode or multimode optical fibers,sheathed in 900 Ám then protected by a spiral stainless steel shield; its sheath is halogen-free, low smoke emission and flame retardant.
It has excellent mechanical stability thanks to the fiberglass yarn reinforcement and has protectionagainst rodents.

This patch cord has the protection rating IP68 thanks to the use of boots to protect the connectors.

Select the length of your patch cord

It is fitted as standard with LC connectors with a duplex ring but can be mounted with other connectors.It can be mounted with a boot at each end or at a single end depending on the type of installation(outdoor or indoor / outdoor).

This patch cord can be made in any length.

For more details consult our technical sheet:

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