Silica optical cord

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Silica optical cord

Simplex or duplex, patchcord

This simplex or duplex patccord is made from an optical cable comprising 1 or 2 single mode fibers 9/125 or multimode 50/125 - 62.5 / 125 - 100/140 - 200/230.
Each fiber is protected by a thermoplastic coating.
This cord cable is protected by an LSZH outer sheath (flame retardant halogen sheath). It has excellent mechanical strength thanks to a reinforcement with aramid wicks.

Select customized patchcord

This cord is equipped at its ends by a ST-type connector, LC-APC, LC-PC, SC-APC, SC-PC, SC-PC, E2000-APC, E2000-PC, FC-APC, FC-PC, SMA, EC, MU ...
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