Tubed cord distribution

(Code: 105)
Tubed cord distribution

Tubed cord distribution

This loose structure cord makes it possible to establish links from passive equipment to other passive equipment in a building or to connect passive equipment in two buildings.

This cord consists of a tubedcable where the fibers are inserted into 1 or 2 tubes of diameter 1.3mm,protected by a halogen-free sheath and low smoke emission, two fan out wherethe fibers exit the cable over a length 1.5m.

Select number of fibers and length of your cord

It can contain 6 fibers or 12 fibers or 24G657A2 single-mode fibers in a first 250Ám sheath
An LC or SC connector with a UPC or APC finish is mounted at each end of the fiber.

This cable having Dca certification is referenced by all operators. It complies with European RoHS 2.0 regulations.

Several colors of fiber sheathing at the sparkgap outlet are available to identify the different operators: aqua, orange,blue, green, gray, yellow.

Please consult our technical sheet.

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