Choose crystal fittings suitable for your fiber decoration projects:

Discover our range of crystal fittings for your fiber decoration projects.

Our range of crystal fittings brings a finish, a touch of decoration to our lighting fibers. These chic and original crystal fittings allow you to create a design light atmosphere by playing on the refracting, reflecting and diffracting properties of light; they stick to the end of the fiber

Take advantage of our crystal fittings expertise for fiber optic decoration :

For more than 20 years, we have been specialists in custom made manufacturing of fiber optic lighting solutions. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to select the end fittings according to your needs for your decoration, lighting and highlighting project. We support you and help you in choosing the right end fittings to ensure the success of all your projects.

Also discover our downling fittings and paver fittings.

Discover our range of crystal fittings for fiber optic decoration:

Water drop" fittings
End fitting in the form of a drop of water to put at the end of fibers dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm
Crystal" fittings
Crystal end fitting to put fiber dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm
Diamant" fittings
Diamond end fitting to put fiber dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm, dia 2mm
Oval-shaped" fittings
Oval-shaped end fittings to end with 1mm dia fibers, dia 1.5mm, dia 2mm
Sphere" fittings
Sphere-shaped end to put 1mm dia fibers
Diffuser" fittings
Deco diffuser end fittings to put dia 0.75mm dia fibers, dia 1mm, dia 1.5mm