Choose end fittings suitable for your outdoor lighting projects:

Discover our end fittings for your indoor fiber lighting projects. Discreet, aesthetic, they allow to focus or diffuse the light.

The end fittings allow to provide lighting for a water room, a building and to oultine a floor. Depending on the desired light effect, they are made up of either polished glass for directive lighting or frosted glass for mood lighting.

The frame of these spots is in Inox316L. The attachment of the end fittings is done by sealing on the ground. These end fittings come to be screwed or stuck on 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm diameter tips at the exit of a fiber optic lighting harness.

Take advantage of our expertise in paver fittings for outdoor fiber lighting:

For more than 20 years, we have been specialists in custom made manufacturing of fiber optic lighting solutions. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to select the end fittings according to your needs for your decoration, lighting and highlighting project. We support you and help you in choosing the right end fittings to ensure the success of all your projects.

Alos discover our crystal fittings and downlink fittings for indoors.

Discover our range of end fittings for outdoor lighting:

 The "ANT" spot is a recessed flush floor in stainless steel 316L. This product allows floor and poolside lighting.
The "LUXIA" floor recess is a product for floor lighting. It consists of a frosted glass and a 316L stainless steel frame
Small nail
The "SMALL-NAIL" is a recessed floor spot. Very small, it allows to cut a ground or a pattern to emphasize it.
Tiny round paver
This "TINY ROUND PAVER" in Inox316L allows fine floor lighting indoor outdoor. It is very easy to use.
Round paver
This "Round paver" recessed flush floor in Inox316L allows indoor floor lighting. It is very easy to use.